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Final Day RecapGermany took the double in the FEI World Cup 0

Dez 23

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Hermes Replica Belts This weekend, Lyon plays host to the elite of the equestrian world, where competitors from all corners of the globe will face off across three rounds before this particular part of the calendar comes to a close on Monday, April 21.Final Day RecapGermany took the double in the FEI World Cup Jumping final on Monday, as Daniel Deusser and Cornet D’Amour held on for the overall win here in Lyon. Compatriot Ludger Beerbaum and Chiara kept things exciting until the very end, recording a faster time in the day’s final run, but Deusser was able to fend off Beerbaum’s challenge by only committing a remarkable two penalties during the entire event.A total of 70.97 seconds was the result, beating Beerbaum’s 69.23 with four penalties.This left Olympic champion Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonnets as the last pair without faults and the leaders going into the final day, but a disastrous first run with four faults saw the favourites drop to shared second with Beerbaum.Their second run didn’t go any better, and a disappointing fifth placed finish would be the pair’s end result.Marcus Ehning would end with the fastest overall time, ducking under the 69 second barrier for 68.34 seconds with five penalties, good enough for fourth.But there was simply no answer for Deusser on the final day, as the German cleared anything the organisation threw in his path on his way to victory. Indeed, the rider and his horse Cornet D’Amour rode clean runs throughout the event, proving speed isn’t the only thing that matters in the jumping competitions.Pius Schwizer and Toulago took the overall win in the first leg and looked to be in great shape to do some damage, but a miss on the very first fence set the tone for a run filled with four faults to put their end total on eight points, and an eventual finish in eight place.For Deusser, this is the very first FEI Show Jumping World Cup Finals win of his career, and the fact he was able to beat out heavy favourites as Beerbaum and Guerdat makes the feat all the more remarkable.The German previously won the League meeting in Mechelen and should now feel confident going into next year’s FEI World Cup Leagues, as the pack of riders slowly starts to prepare for the qualifying tournaments for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.While Guerdat was wasteful with his chances on Monday and will have no one but himself to blamefor the disappointing result, Desseur still beat the mercurial Beerbaum head to head, a sign of bigger and better things to come for the young German Hermes Replica Belts.

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