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* A summary of the age of his past 0

Jul 18

the rumoured new face of the apple watch

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Replica Hermes Poetry of Abu al-Ahrar Muhammad Hamoud al-Zubairi may Allah have mercy on him

He has lived a long time in Diagra * until he wiped out all the light of his suffering. * A summary of the age of his past, and come to him and I was keen if I die for him * Alone redemption and remain all his parents
But he is coming to his appointment * br> I live only in his graves * I do not stay except from his tragedies and what I am of him only Zephra remained between the remains of the remains of his guards
If stood Gtra Dhari all All of the above * and I have been Biafokhi Duhaye
and if I walked it threw on the way * On my way Shabaka of his snakes
The force of the world gathered all * In a stab torn my chest and what is in it!
And they collected their order treachery, And every tyrant if we would accept him * The betrayal of the people came to us Congratulations – and every blind we wanted to respond to him * His eyes, blew up in us for his nights!
And every trumpet deafness of the senses if it was announced * The dogs to Zkha Mzakih
Yasha A thousand years in their worship * Did not accept the sacrifice you play
Satisfaction you Arbaba and lived for them * Tnilhm all reverence, and prayer
did not rise from the bottom of slavery arranged * Did not recite the rest of the hardship A tyrant from Sakra al-Taha

– Who is betrayed and who has been killed? * He who kills him, and the most beautiful of the dahiya
Sleeping in order to deceive the tyranny of his stupidity * And to reap the madness of his stores. Told him and collected the tears Toufana removed by the rule of evil things from the world and the enemy
I fight injustice, whatever its characterThe shimmering or whatever it was. Replica Hermes

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? now I am leaving and will never come back ? ? to be with you ?

? The Lord of Kaaba section you Stendmon Vraci ?? and Stendmon ? ? on your dealings

apathetic ? ? me ?

? all of you Ohassankm and Osookm Diatm golden opportunity Bhetwaagdi with ?

? Stendmon all regret Tadhaiei ? < br> | >
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Please wait while you are viewing the page

? I present the day I ?

? Adakkiqhwalthanih that pass without you benefit them ? ? ?

I am ? ? ? that pass without obeying ?
< br> I ? time ? ? which ye shall count him ?

? account I am today that if you will not go back to the day of Resurrection ? ? ?

? then will stand before God ?

? Do you think about? ?

? km from hour passed without work in your life??? ?

? km from day passed without ? ? ye in which the world and the Hereafter??? ?

?? How much time have you spent and you do not do anything or more than you do sin????

??? Do you know that the time whenever Over shortage of our lives and reduced our presence in the world??!!!! ?

Stthsron in the Day of Resurrection ? ? on every second passed without work in obedience to God

? Do not you know that God commanded you My??? ?

? I swear it has me in several locations of the Koran and Lord of pride does not divide something Hain ?

? {age ****** age 1 ?

? {dawn ****** dawn 1 ?

? and much ?

? Do not you know that the prophet, peace be upon him from time loss precautions and therefore the loss of your age ?

? in modern (he said the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, a man exhorting him: take five five: ?

? youth before old age before, your health before Sagmk, and your wealth before your poverty, savings ? ? Gcc before Chglk, ?

? and your life before your death) ?

? Do not you know I am the gap that enters the devil to the souls of the righteous before the bad ones??? ?

? Yes, what He will do to you as he says, sit down and do nothing, sit down and do not benefit yourself or repentNi Your Replica Hermes Birkin Nation

? ? ? ? ????? ????? ????? ?????


???? 17 years.. 20 years.. More than that??

? You and you will not bother me anymore but take advantage of every moment pass me on you in something useful

??? You open the options and all do What he wants

Oh God, grant us the blessing of times and we can seize it as you love and please us Hermes Belt Replica.

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