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And more This is according to the NLP 0

Mai 11

You will understand yourself and your strengths and weaknesses and you will know the different types of personalities and how to deal How to motivate yourself to do something and how to motivate others and what is the most appropriate method for everything that is How to make an effective dialogue for you and how to fit others so that you can manage any dialogue with high efficiency

How to make your decisions usually and what is the secret of the difference between you and between h At the moment of making a decision
How do you manage your life. Are you a person orderly and disciplined or otherwise? And how to measure the level of utility when you accomplish any how to deal with difficult characters and different types of those around you

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It includes an idea about the higher mental programs and their impact on the formation of our personality and how this is reflected on our behavior and our actions in terms of motivation and decision-making method and method of dialogue…. And more This is according to the NLP.

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