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* Apartment for sale in Al Ibrahimeh 130 m 3 rooms and

Jun 26

Apartments snapshot in Alexandria
FREE – Alexandria

Apartments snapshot at the price of magnificence
* Apartment for sale in Sporting and see the club 3 rooms and receptions, bathroom and kitchen finishing Super Lux new property and the entrance to the check is not wounded and sunny close to the street Abu Bakr Wanted 500 thousand..
* Apartment for sale in Al Ibrahimeh 130 m 3 rooms and reception and bathroom and kitchen finishing Super Lux No need to look at the garden is not wounded and sunny and all meters and a lot of real estate very close to Abuqir Street 550 thousand. For sale in El Ibrahimeya branch of Lajitia street 3 rooms, reception, bathroom and kitchen finished Super Luxe not injured and sunny and all meter meters 450,000 EGP

* Apartment for sale in Sidi Gaber behind the Madinah Al Munawwarah Hotel and near the tram Mustafa full 3 rooms and reception, bathroom and kitchen finishing Super Lux first housing and licensed new property and entrance check required 550 thousand.

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