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But this round is Murasaki Bar Atsushi served to everyone 0

Jun 7

Come winter
Touch my tear that crys through you
Touch my sorry pain she touches You smile I find it to you
Touch my pain and I want it
Amazes the sunrise when crying through us
Enjoy the sunset when I touch You my dreams, touch my heart
Touch the destiny crying through
Touch me, hug me
Feel like I melt easily
Touch my love,
Touch me and keep me close!

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high quality replica handbags Winter Holidays
Author Mario Marius
We are all waiting for the winter holidays well
To bring us presents from relatives, friends and parents
We make dreams and we want to give to everyone
A beautiful gift to relatives, friends and grandchildren

> love
I would bring the greatest happiness to my soul

I will give you my heart and soul my love And my love to always accompany you I will put a red beak on the beast

And I will give you forever with pleasure

– but I am always far away
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By Mario Marius
On the wings of a thought I send you a whisper of love
On a sun ray send you a lot of happiness
On the morning march you miss a hatchet
Touch you lips to be sweet as petals

– Your goddess to be synonymous with happiness

– me and all your dreams always to be near you

All the ways to bring you in my arms
Every night to surround your Designer Replica Handbags body with them
My chest to get you either a granite stone
Where to put your head and sleep quietly Replica Bags Wholesale.

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