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Jan 25

Quranic Verses The Role of Choosing a Person:

Another Topic, God knows, but you are clear in the text of the Holy Quran, and the strongest verse in the indication that you are the choice of saying:

The first verse:

) He will say those who were involved, if God wills, what we are partners and not our fathers and not deprive us of something as well as those who have been lied to them until they tasted our possessions. (148) (

(Surat Anaam) :

The second verse:

) So those who were before them lied, until they tasted our wealth. Say: Do you have knowledge? If you follow us his only conjecture if you only Takrson (148) (

(Al cattle)
impossible AA is impossible to be commandeered, if you commandeered why Ahacbk God Almighty? You do what you have done in this world, what you have done to fulfill the command of Allah Almighty, so the commoners utter the words of kufr in particular.

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