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So she tries to lose weight to get work again 0

Abr 16

Some say ‘advertise.’ Ironically, in a digital age where communicating with someone on the other side of the planet is only a few clicks away, it’s becoming harder and harder to reach people. We pay money for the ability to skip commercials. We curse the makers of household products who stain the first 30 seconds of ‘Christmas Puppy Surprise’ videos on YouTube. How dare they.

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Fake Handbags I started writing a comedy novel last year called Losing It, about a woman who used to be famous but lost it all including her marriage and money. So she tries to lose weight to get work again.It was very cathartic. But it took me 10 months to write and it was a lonely business.(Image: BBC)I was always popping to the fridge for a nibble, then hitting the town in the evening to cope with the lack of human contact. Fake Handbags

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