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They were either active participants in the Jewish faith 0

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“I expect first and foremost to get one of the most amazing experiences I’ll have in my life,” she says about the next two weeks. “I expect to be submerged in a culture I’ve never been aware of before, not only Russian culture but the culture of breaking news from a sports angle. I expect to see how news functions out of a normal environment, which is exciting”..

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Astagir it Lger
licentious weak gather siwaak sticks take refuge Bhmaka

I am weak I rely on the forces
sin and some of my sins Qwaka

sinned BARBIE and Aztna sins
doomed from Ghafir
Dnaaa Grtne and forgiveness
what Hillete Gurney in this or that

O aware of sight and sight
not know him and what it might be aware, if not

not my eyes Track I
in everything O_n Alaca

O hairline floral aroma Atrh
this fragrant aroma

bringing his Hmaka my God Here I am concluded from the fancy
received heart anhydride Huaca

left life and forget Hoha
and received all mankind in Njuaka

forgot My love and retired dears
forgot myself fear that Onsaka

I BARBIE prisoner
film Rant on my heart preferred Snaka

Today BARBIE wiped Gshaota
heart began Basir Oraka

Oh great, forgiving and capable of guilt
Top heart repenting Najaka

Lord Jitk Thawaya cry on
what provided hands do not Otbaky

I am afraid of the terrible
offer you, O Lord I fear you as Olqaka

Lord promised to Rahabk repenting
surrender Msthompska

Baraka Mali and the rich and you, O Lord
rich does not limit Gnaka

Mali and the powerful and you O my Lord
great matter what Lagu Aka

I UIT for each shelter in life
what I saw dearest Mowaka

and Telmust myself the path to salvation
did not find spared only Mnjaka

and searched for the secret of happiness
hard and I found this mystery Tqwaka

Fleurdy Me or people Felickhtoa
I no longer seek non Rdaka

I invite you to forgive BARBIE Jopti
and Tainni and Tmdna Bhdhaka

I have accepted my call and responded to my reggae

What was disappointed by the call and delay

Ouma Drey human that all the

What is your opinion about the wonders of Olaka?
Shafi O death the AlomraZ of Ardaka?

Say to the patient survived and recovered after the inability of the arts of medicine, from Aafaka?

Say to the true one die not from illness – from Balmnaya Ya Sahih Dahaka?

Say to the fetus living isolated without
Shepherd and Mari What is the care?

Say to the newborn cried and ate Balbaka

What is Abakaka?

If you see the snake breathes its name, ask him who is poisoned hatch?

And ask how you live snake or
Long live this poison fills Vaka?

And ask the belly of the bees how I met with Shahda and tell the witness from Halaka?

But the liquid of liquid milk was between the blood and the heap of which is the Safaka?

If you see the neighborhood coming out of the folds of the dead, ask him who lives?

Say to the air, the hands are hidden and hidden from the eyes of the people of Ahvaka?

And if you see the full moon Nashra
Anwarh Vassalh of your engagement?

If you see the cleft palm cores
ask him what you nachal nouka?

And if you see the fire of the flames of the flame, ask the flame of fire from Oraka?

If you see the mountain of the sky, the sky

If you see a rock bursting with water,

If you see the river with freshness of the albumin, it was separated from the one who paid it.

And if you see the sea with salt, the brim, you will be overwhelmed by its waters.

If replica hermes bags you see the night daggy dagya
Vassalh of Ya Lail Hak djaka?

If you see the sunrise, the sunrise will come out. Replica Hermes Bags

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