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With help from our generous business partners in the local 0

Ago 21

“Imagine having no Prada in this movie?” Field said. “It’s a good thing they decided to be smart about it. I could have walked into the store and bought the pieces, but they felt positive about the movie and let us use them.

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Hermes Belt Replica Now Zeus is focusing on the United States and Europe in its quest to raise a further by the end of the year. Managing partner Gary Tipper is understood to be in New York today speaking to potential investors.The fund was established at the end of 2005 by Mr Tipper and Ed Fazakerley in Manchester, and Tony Dickin in London. The trio previously worked together at Aberdeen Murray Johnstone Private Equity, where their investments included a stake in Altrincham based retail refurbishment group Styles Wood.A source said: “They are thrilled to have closed the first phase of the fund with significant commitments from individual entrepreneurs who will act as a source for deals through their wide network of contacts.”Zeus is looking to invest between and in established companies, with a strong regional brand, that are capable of being developed into national businesses, as well as those embarking on buy and build strategies, but not start ups.”They are particularly interested in sectors such as outsourcing and other business services, financial services, retail and healthcare, and are looking at several potential deals at the moment with a view to completing their first investment within a few months.”The second phase is due to be closed in the spring with the rest of the funds committed by the end of 2007.”Zeus Private Equity, which will compete with the likes of Inflexion and Barclays Ventures, is looking to bolster its team in the near future.Its entry on to the north west scene comes at a time of feverish private equity activity and expansion Hermes Belt Replica.

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