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Chris DeAngelis (bass) and Adrian Tramontano 0

Fev 8

Attitudes in which the Prophet laughed or smiled

Astzzni me and you are the Lord of the worlds

About bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: The last who enters Paradise man is walking once and wake time and fire Then he turned to him and said, “I have saved me from you. God has given me something that one of the first and the other gave me. O Lord, and promises him that no one else will ask him, and his Lord will excuse him, for he sees patience for him, and he will redeem him from her, and he will remain in her shadow, and drink of her water, He has a tree that is better than the first, and he says: “I am a lord of the most humble of these, to drink from her water, and I will keep her shade.

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And I will hold on to you the ropes of the manifestations of your qualities. And make me who came unto thee.

and became a manifestation of your glorification.

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