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My wonderful, effortless, fit me like a glove 40s 0

Fev 23

O God, I ask you in my prayer and my prayer

A blessing cleansed by my heart
and revealed by my heart, and forgive my sins, br>

The most beautiful and most beautiful, O God, extended my hand, and you have greatness with Your mercy, O Most Merciful. God is not guided to those who have been misled, nor given to what was prevented, and no objection to what was given, nor Bastit did not catch, nor provided for delayed, nor late for what I have provided. O Allah, you are the Halim, do not hasten, and you are the horse, do not be humble, and you are the dear, do not be humiliated, and you are the impregnable, there is no tram, and you are the Magi, there is no solidarity, and you are over all worlds..

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