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Price of the first floor: 2 billion and 500

Mar 9

romanian pm criticizes hungary for fence plan

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“The bomb aimed to kill all onboard the plane. Al Shabaab (Somalia’s Islamic extremist rebel group) was behind it,” he said of the explosion on a Daallo Airlines Airbus 321. He said the findings are preliminary and the investigation is continuing.

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# Phone: 0912270187 ?
# Wattasb: 0912270187

Book your apartment now in Cavoury Square 8
Excellent location opens on the garden and mosque
offer available first, second, third and fourth floors
Apartment area: 183 meters..

Apartment components: 3 rooms, hall, salon, kitchen, travel, sleeping and 3 bathrooms (The apartment is full floor ..))

Price of the first floor: 2 billion and 500 million
Price of the second floor: 2 billion and 200 million
Third floor price: 2 billion and 100 million
Price of the fourth floor: 2 billion # prince_to_market_global

# Phone: 0912270187 ?
# ??????: 0912270187

??? Your apartment now in Cavoury square 8
a distinctive location opens on a garden and a mosque
Available supply First, second, third and fourth floor
Apartment area: 183 m..

Apartment components: 3 rooms, hall, salon, kitchen and (Price is about 2 billion and 300 million) Price of the second floor: 2 billion and 500 million
Price of the third floor: 2 billion and 3500 million
Price of the fourth floor: 2 billion and 250 million

Note: 50% of the value of the apartment and the rest is paid after turnkey ((6 months)) Please click on the link below and register Like us

Mark: 50% of the value of the apartment and the rest are paid Counting turnkey ((6 months))
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