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UConn defensive tackle Shamar Stephen, the 6 foot 5, 309 pound MVP in 2013, recorded a 30.5 in leap in the vertical jump, fourth among all defensive tackles; 5.25 seconds in the 40 yard dash and 8 feet, 7 inches in the broad jump. Linebacker Yawin Smallwood, an early entrant into the 2014 draft out of UConn, pulled up with a hamstring injury at the 20 yard mark of the 40 and finished in 5.01 seconds, way off from the 4.6 4.7 he desired. Still, Smallwood had good efforts in the vertical (36.5 inches) and broad jump (9 feet).

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A number of their boutiques in Western cities are now gone, and new ones are opening up in second and third tier cities in Asia. In our part of the world, I think Versace has lost its cool and the fragrance arm of the business is seen as the best way to keep the cash coming in, even if every shiny bottle of bilge water they produce further dilutes the brand. I mean, I know that the fragrance arm is the cash cow for any house, but it seems like that all Versace has going on these days.

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